COVID-19 Vaccines Coming Soon

COVID-19 Vaccines coming soon!
Hamilton Memorial Hospital District (HMHD) and Family Clinics are excited that the first round of COVID-19 vaccines are coming to HMHD for healthcare personnel!
Phase 1a of vaccines will be administered to healthcare professionals and long-term care patients. Phase 1b of vaccines will be administered to those who are 75+ in age and specific essential workers. Phase 1c will be for those who are 65-74 years of age with high-risk medical conditions and other essential workers.
Updates on when Phase 1a, 1b, and 1c will begin will be available on HMHD social media accounts, HMHD website, and from the Hamilton County Health Department.
If you have any questions regarding the scheduling of vaccines or would like to call for an update, please call the Hamilton County Health Department at 618.643.3522.
Article Created: December 23, 2020