Extended Care Swing Bed Patient of the Month

Jackie McKenzie



 (McLeansboro, Illinois) -  Jackie McKenzie of Norris City was recently honored for her completion of the Extended Care Swing Bed Program at Hamilton Memorial Hospital in McLeansboro.

After breaking her pelvis, Jackie was admitted to Hamilton Memorial Hospital as an Extended Care Swing Bed patient. While staying in the hospital Jackie received intensive physical and occupational therapy four times a day to help her recover from her injury.  Her hard work paid off. She returned home and continued to receive therapy through Egyptian Home Health with the same therapists she worked with while in the hospital.

“Jackie was an absolute delight to work with – she worked really hard in therapy while staying with us and it prepared her to go back home,” stated Denise Browning, Director of Hamilton Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation.  

Hamilton Memorial Hospital’s Extended Care Swing Bed program is especially designed for Medicare patients to stay in the hospital under skilled care while receiving intensive physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy. The term “swing bed” is used to describe this transitionary period that the patient stays in the hospital, but receives intensive therapy to ready them for a return home.

People who might benefit from this program are those that have variety of diagnosis’ including hip fractures, stroke, joint replacement, prolonged recovery from surgery, severe wounds that require skilled treatments and nursing care, or need short-term antibiotic therapy. They also must have been hospitalized for at least 3 days in the last 30 days.

For more information regarding the Hamilton Memorial Hospital Extended Care Swing Bed Program, call Loretta Wheeler at 618.643.2361 ext.2145.

Article Created: July 20, 2015