Careers in Healthcare Scholarship

Especially in rural areas, the Foundation recognizes the difficulty in obtaining enough resources to help further our local youth’s education. This year there are a few additions to the Careers in Healthcare Scholarship to help as many high school seniors achieve their goal of starting a career in the Healthcare industry.

As in previous years, a minimum of one $1,000 scholarship will be offered to seniors at Hamilton County Senior High, Norris City- Omaha-Enfield High School, and Carmi -White County High School. In addition, one $1,000 scholarship will be offered to a White County and Hamilton County homeschooled student. A “Continuing Education in Healthcare” scholarship will also be awarded to a previous recipient of the Careers in Healthcare scholarship. 

For more information or to apply for a scholarship please follow one of the links or contact your Guidance Counselor. Contact Elaine Miller, Marketing/PR, & Foundation Manager. 618.643.2361 ext.4300 or for any questions. 

Continuing Ed Application

CWCHS Application

Hamilton County Application

NCOE Application

Home School Application



Annual Support / Special Events Committee

  • Oversees the Honor Society and Gift of Love Programs
  • Responsible for the organization of the spring event and the annual fall dinner.

Special Prospects Committee

  • This group seeks to find donors of large gifts, either from Corporations or from benevolent donors who wish to convey assets of stocks and bonds or real property.
  • Raises awareness of the need for “Financial Estate Planning”. This committee strives to show the benefits of planned giving and how such giving can actually benefit the donor as well as the Hospital Foundation. An example is a “Charitable Gift Annuity” which provides the giver source of income until death.