Hamilton Memorial Helps Spread Awareness for Distracted Driving Awareness Week

The Inaugural Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week is set to take place April 24th through the 28th. Hamilton Memorial Hospital would like to join in spreading awareness in order to keep our roads safe for everyone.
Texting, kids in the back, eating your lunch, and billboards on the side of the road are just a few examples from the long list of distractions we encounter everyday while driving in the car. In 2009 NHTSA estimated nearly 5,500 people lost their lives and another 448,000 were injured in crashes where various forms of distractions were noted in police reports. Follow the links to learn more about distracted driving and steps you can take to avoid some of the common distractions. Join us in spreading the awareness! 
10 Tips for Managing Driver Distractions

Distracted Driving

Article Created: April 20, 2017