Hamilton Memorial Hospital Foundation Contributes $20,000 towards the Purchase of Point of Care Ultrasound

Hamilton Memorial Hospital Foundation gave $20,000 to Hamilton Memorial Hospital to help towards the purchase of Point of Care Ultrasound.  

Point of care ultrasound refers to the use of portable ultrasonography at a patient’s bedside, and has been proven to help improve patient outcomes and experiences by providing a faster diagnosis, and minimizing delays in care. 

“On behalf of our providers, staff, Board of Directors, and the communities we serve, we sincerely thank our Foundation for their continued commitment to helping our hospital provide quality care,” said Victoria Woodrow, CEO of Hamilton Memorial Hospital. “Being able to use point of care ultrasound will allow our providers to perform medical examinations that give them a clearer look into their patients’ health, and help guide them to better evaluate and manage their patients' care,” continued Woodrow. 

 “On behalf of the Hamilton Memorial Hospital Foundation and its Directors, it is my privilege to present this donation to Hamilton Memorial Hospital District. We are honored to support our local hospital knowing that all of our community benefits greatly by having a place to provide urgent and continuing healthcare services,” stated Bobbin Lasater, Hamilton Memorial Hospital Foundation Chairperson. 

For more information about Hamilton Memorial Hospital, visit hmh.megabytes.tech or contact Bethany Reyling, Hamilton Memorial Hospital Marketing |Foundation Manager at 618.643.5863.

(photo left to right) Bobbin Lasater, Foundation Chairperson; Marie Pyle, Foundation Director; Hunt Bonan, Foundation Director; Leesa White, Foundation Director; Ann Johnson, Foundation Director; Mike Lewis, HMHD Board President, and Foundation Ex-Officio; Victoria Woodrow, HMHD CEO; Summer Braddock, HMHD RN


Article Created: June 10, 2021