Help Us Clear the Air

Hamilton Memorial Hospital District (HMHD) Foundation kicks off its “Clear the Air” campaign to help raise funds towards the installation of additional negative air pressure environments in the hospital.

“Our Clear the Air campaign will be instrumental in helping provide quality healthcare during this national pandemic,” said Victoria Woodrow, CEO Hamilton Memorial Hospital. “The support of our community during this pandemic has been overwhelming and appreciated, and we have no doubt their generosity and support will help us to continue to improve our hospital and the care we are able to provide,” continued Woodrow.

Negative air pressure rooms are a type of patient environment that exhausts air from patient areas with potentially infectious illnesses away from other patients, visitors, and healthcare staff. Negative air pressure helps prevent transmission of communicable diseases from escaping a room by drawing air out and filtering before moving it outside. Added installations will increase the negative air environments already present at Hamilton Memorial Hospital and further improve existing safety measures at the facility.

“For the safety of our community we felt it was best to cancel our Annual Dinner for this year and move forward with an online fundraiser,” said HMHD Foundation Manager, Bethany Reyling.  “We are excited for the opportunity to reach potential new donors with our first-ever online foundation event and hope to still have the support of our long-standing donors,” continued Reyling.

The fundraiser will include an online campaign with social media posts, newspaper articles, and direct mail. The campaign will also feature four online auctions with items donated by local businesses and community members. For information on the campaign and how to donate visit

For more information about Hamilton Memorial Hospital Foundation and their Clear the Air Campaign, contact Bethany Reyling, Hamilton Memorial Hospital Marketing |Foundation Manager at 618.643.5863.

The Foundation is a general not-for-profit corporation that has tax-exempt status under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code and is operated by its own bylaws and independent board of directors.



Article Created: November 2, 2020