In September 1998, a new digital x-ray machine was purchased to replace the hospital’s 25 year old machine.

In October 1999, the hospital replaced its current C.T. Scanner with a Helical (Spiral) Scanner. The Spiral Scanner provides the ability to do true three dimensional (3-D) scanning which provides improved images in the detection and treatment of diseases. Spiral scanning offered increased scanning speeds which therefore allowed the patient less time in the scanning unit and thus less inconvenience for the patient.

hightechIn November 1999, the groundwork was laid for the formation of the Hamilton Memorial Hospital District Foundation. Drastic cutbacks in Medicare funding due to the passage of a Federal Law known as the Balanced Budget Act caused serious reductions in the hospital’s ability to invest in new equipment and make necessary capital improvements. A director and chairperson were selected and they donated their own time to see the success of the Foundation. Over 250 individuals attended the Foundation’s First Annual Dinner which was held on September 30, 2000. An astounding $30,000 was raised through this dinner. The year of 2000 concluded with even more success for the Foundation. The first ever year-end appeal letter raised over $56,000 for the purchase of a new ultrasound unit. The community deserves a big “thank you” for their support of the Foundation and its ability to raise over $100,000 in its 1st year of existence.

In July 2000, a community survey was conducted regarding the Hamilton Memorial Hospital District. Results of the survey showed strong community support of the Hospital District. Seventy-five percent had an above average perception of the Hospital District and the quality of services it performed while 100% would recommend the District’s services and felt that the community needs a local hospital.

The Hamilton Memorial Hospital District is proud to have served the residents of Hamilton County and its surrounding areas since 1960. The district, like the health care industry in general, has experienced many changes since its inception over forty-eight years ago. The district is committed to continual growth and providing the highest quality health care available to our patients. The district is truly thankful to the citizens of Hamilton County for allowing it to serve them and look forward to many more years of meeting the health care needs of the area.

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