Hours & Visitors

Information/Registration Desk Hours
7:00am – 7:00pm, Monday through Friday
7:00am – 11:00am, Saturday and Holidays

Closed on Sundays

Business Office Hours
8:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Friday
(Billing, Accounts Receivable, Insurance Questions)
Closed weekends and holidays
For inquiries, call 618-643-2073 or billing@hmhospital.org.


Hospital Visiting Hours
Until further notice, HMHD has implemented the following visitor restrictions:

  • Patient may accept patient at any time
  • Visitors must apply a mask immediately when entering 
  • Visitors must complete a health survey and have temperature taken upon arrival
  • No more than one visitor in a patient room at any given time
  • No visitors under the age of 18

If you have questions or concerns about these restrictions please call Glenna Sutton, Infection Control|Risk Manager at 618.643.2361 ext. 1100.

Patients have the right to receive or deny any visitors.  

Visitation restrictions are based on:

  • if the visitor could interfere with the patient’s care or the care of another patient
  • if the patient has infection control issues 
  • if the patient needs rest or privacy 
  • if the visitor or patient has behaviors that aren’t conducive to visitor/patient 
  • if an existing court order restricting contact is in place


Patient Care Team Liaison Line

Staying connected with your loved one’s care team is important during a hospital stay. The Patient Care Team Liaison line is available Monday-Friday from 8 am-4 pm (except holidays) to assist in coordinating family communication with hospital caregivers. We know patients feel better when they can connect with their families and friends. Although, due to COVID-19 we’ve had to change our visitation policies, we’re still committed to helping keep you connected to your loved one. 

  • Direct-dial- 618.643.5560
  • familyconnect@hmhospital.org
  • Monday-Friday- 8am-4pm
  • Encouraged to use electronic devices (smart phones, tablets, FaceTiem, Skype, etc.)