PRN-Level 1 Technician

Hours Per Pay Period

Department: Nursing Dept.-Hospital


  • Education: High School diploma or equivalent.
  • 1. Must be in good health and demonstrate emotional stability to perform the tasks involving physical activity and moving intermittently throughout the work day.
  • 2. Supports and adheres to administrative and nursing service policies and procedures.
  • 3. Must have the ability to promote effective written/verbal communication.
  • 4. Must be dependable, trustworthy and flexible.
  • 5. Must maintain confidentiality of patient information.
  • 6. Must be willing and able to work under close supervision and follow instructions efficiently and effectively and work as a member of the health team.
  • 7. Is rarely sick or absent from work.

1. Assist RN with providing personal hygiene to assigned patients which includes A. Oral hygiene before and after meal at HS and PRN. B. AM care to include oral hygiene, skin care, hair care, nail care, bath and foot care. C. PM care to include oral hygiene, skin care, and straightening of linen. D. Give and remove bedpan/urinal. E. Assist patients to and from bathroom. F. Assist with sitz bath as ordered. 2. Provide clean linens when appropriate, makes occupied, unoccupied and post anesthetic bed. 3. Assist in repositioning patients, change patient position appropriately and as frequently as instructed. Changes patient position to maintain good body alignment and comfort. 4. Assist in meeting dietary needs of patient including: A. Patients are NPO or on Hold as ordered. B. Patients received prescribed diet. C. Place tray conveniently for patient. D. Assist patient with food and fluids as needed. E. Proper feeding of patients including geriatric patient. F. Inform RN if patient has any difficulty in taking diet or refusal of diet. G. Provide snacks at ordered times. H. Remove tray, document percentage of diet consumed. 5. Accurately records all patient’s intake and output for shift, including foley, suction, gomco, and T-tube. 6. Responsible for collection of specimens as instructed by RN in accordance with policy and procedure. 7. Responsible for taking accurate vital signs and finger stick blood glucose check as ordered by the RN including: A. Temperature. B. Pulse-include description of rapid, thready, bounding, regular or irregular. C. Respiration-include description of shallow, deep, regular, etc. D. Blood Pressure-include description of faint, bounding, etc. E. Accurate monitoring of child/adolescent/adult/geriatric vital signs. F. Responsible for reporting abnormal V/S findings to RN. G. Responsible for recording all V/S and finger stick blood glucose level H. Performing EKG 8. Responsible for assisting with treatments assigned to them by the RN in an accurate and timely manner. Which include the following: A. Weight patient. B. Give enema. C. Insert rectal tube. D. Perineal care. E. Apply vaginal pads. F. Foley catheter care. G. Apply hot or cold compress. H. Apply ice bag. I. Apply anti-embolic hose/flow-trons. J. Give douche. K. Application of K-pad/k-thermal blanket. L. Assist with post-mortem care. M. Assist with pre-operative and post-operative care as instructed by RN in accordance with hospital policy and procedure. 9. Responsible for assisting the RN with the following: A. Use of traction. B. Use of restraint and safety devices. C. Observe IV site for signs of infiltration. D. Observe patient receiving blood for signs and symptoms of reaction. E. Care of the patient with: 1. Oxygen 2. Chest Tube 3. Foley Catheter 4. Colostomy/Iliostomy 5. Hemovac Drains 6. NG Tube 7. Cast 8. Other duties as requested 10. Responsible for the following duties upon admission of a patient: A. Bringing patient to assigned room. B. Assist patient with changing into appropriate attire. C. Assist patient to bed. D. Obtain appropriate information on Physical Assessment. E. Patient is comfortable and oriented to surroundings. F. Obtaining needed patient stay items and water as allowed. 11. Responsible for instructing patient/family upon admission of: A. Call light B. TV C. Telephone D. Visitor policy E. Meal times F. Location of bathroom, shower or tub G. Introduce roommate H. Smoking Policy I. Side rail Policy 12. Responsible for the following duties upon discharge of a patient: A. Assist patient in collecting personal belongings. B. Assist with dressing as needed. C. Take patient per wheelchair to car and assist into car. D. Return wheelchair to nursing unit; strip bed and clean out bedside cabinet and over- bed-table. E. Wash bed, rails, mattress, over-bed-table and bedside table and drawers with hospital approved disinfectant and other minor housekeeping duties as assigned. 13. Responsible for the following duties upon transfer of a patient to another room: A. Collect patient personal belongings. B. Assist patient to wheelchair and accompany to new room. C. Assist patient back to bed. D. Provide patient with call light and orient to new surroundings. 14. Responsible for patient’s privacy. 15. Responsible for straightening patient room. 16. Responsible for answering call light promptly. 17. Responsible for skin care; keeps skin clean, dry and applies OTC creams as instructed. 18. Responsible for properly caring, cleaning and storage of equipment. 19. Responsible for following standard precautions in caring for patients, per hospital policy and procedure. 20. Responsible for using proper body mechanics and safety devices to ensure patient and employee safety. 21. Responsible for following hospital infection control and safety policies. 22. Responsible for maintaining child/adolescent/geriatric/adult patient safety. 23. Responsible for making appropriate observations and reporting them in appropriate and timely manner. 24. Activates paging system for routine calls, codes, disaster, fire, and other emergencies. 25. Requests and processes hospital ancillary services as directed 26. Files reports of tests, procedures and consultation appropriately. 27. Keeps chart in order with all forms properly identified. 28. Responsible for using proper telephone etiquette. 29. Keeps medical record file in proper order and pulls chart as needed and sees that only authorized persons have access to patient records. 30. Assists with or maintains hospital and unit records i.e. NPO lists, daily labs sheets, dietary lists etc. 31. Completes admission, discharge and level of care changes when front office is not available. 32. Performs other duties as directed by Nurse Manager or RN.

Position Posted On: 08/16/2021

If interested, contact:

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Hamilton Memorial Hospital
c/o Human Resources
PO Box 429
McLeansboro, IL 62859

Or, Fax your application to: 618-643-2875

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