Clinic Director

80 Hours Per Pay Period

Department: Nursing Center


  • 1. Education: Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration or Associate degree in Nursing with sufficient experience is required.
  • 2. Training and Experience: Must have good public relation skills and interact with people well. Good computer skills are necessary. At least two years previous clinic experience and/or supervisory experience in a hospital or physician office setting. Must be able to demonstrate initiative in problem solving and show a responsibility for departmental success. Excellent motivation skills. Must be able to assist other staff when problems and/or questions arise. Must be able to work any shift, including weekends and holidays. Must have a good understanding of medical office processes. Must maintain patient confidentiality and information per policy and procedures. Must be dependable, trustworthy, and flexible.
  • 3. Job Knowledge: Must have understanding of medical office clinical processes. Must have understanding of information needed upon patient registration to accurately and proficiently bill claims to insurance company. Must have basic accounting skills. Familiarity with Microsoft office applications including outlook, word and excel. Consistently organizes, executes & distributes daily tasks to office staff in proper priority. Excellent organizational and communication skills required. Ability to deal effectively and tactfully with stressful situations. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Familiarity with Rural Health Clinics.
  • 4. Working Conditions: Work is generally performed in an office setting, but some tasks may require clinical contact that could produce exposure to injuries (e.g. cuts, needle sticks) and exposure to blood, and contaminated, hazardous materials.

Essential Functions: Coordinate daily functions and responsibilities for clinic personal by making certain that all areas are staffed and daily tasks are being completed in a timely and accurate manner and according to departmental and hospital guidelines. Provides ongoing feedback to administration and staff to develop, improve, or strengthen skills and processes of department responsibilities. Functions in a fast paced department environment and exhibits written and verbal communication skills. Interacts in a professional and tactful manner with coworkers, physicians, and customers. Provides leadership to staff through effective guidance, feedback, and delegation. Measures productivity of staff and overall department. Position Responsibilities: 1. Serve as support for patient registration and clinic nurse and ensure that all positions are staffed appropriately; filling in when necessary. 2. Coordinate training activities to ensure staff remain current on policies and procedures and implement changes where needed. 3. Responsible for selecting, training, orienting, assigning, evaluating performance, and making recommendations for personnel actions. 4. Prepares the monthly work schedule and time-off for clinic staff. 5. Responsible for scheduling staff to ensure appropriate availability of care for patients. Provides guidance and makes scheduling decisions whenever conflicts arrive. 6. Supervises the payroll process for the clinic including reviewing employee work schedules, tracking and collecting hours, reviewing the employee hours against the scheduled time to work, approving timesheets, and serving as a liaison to the hospital payroll department. 7. Approves all vacation request and time off for clinic Staff. 8. Completes all in-house training & mandatory classes offered or assigned by the Education Department of the hospital. 9. Monitor daily registrations and audit for accuracy. 10. Orders supplies for the office weekly. 11. Assist HR in interviewing and hiring of new personnel and works with the Education Department to orientate new personnel appropriately. 12. Maintain updated signs in registration area and any patient correspondence and update as needed. 13. Stays current on all hospital policies such as the Safety Policy, Emergency Preparedness Plan, Material Safety Data Sheets and the hospital mission and vision statements. 14. Participates as a team member hospital wide. 15. Reports all areas of concern to the CEO. 16. Maintains the strictest of confidentiality concerning the patient and family members. Must have the ability to show empathy for the patient and family and deal with their complaints and problems. Endeavors to maintain a good public image of the clinic by positively handling patient complaints and maintaining a positive concerned rapport with the public. 17. Responsible for preparing practitioners charts for physician review on a weekly basis and also reviews charts personally for proper documentation, compliance and quality. 18. Organizes and executes projects as assigned. 19. Maintains required records, reports, and files. 20. Maintains compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements 21. Responsible for developing, reviewing, and maintaining Policy and Procedure Manual and updates and communicating information with staff. 22. Responsible for the development of the budget and overall revenue cycle management including missed charges and accounts receivable management. 23. Monitors, evaluates and implements appropriate changes based on patient satisfaction feedback through informal feedback and patient surveys. 24. Keeps work area in a neat and orderly manner. 25. Conducts annual employee performance evaluations. 26. Demonstrates and reinforces the behaviors reflective of HMHD mission. 27. Encourages staff to work together to promote good morale and communication. 28. Investigates all disciplinary issues and coordinates with the HR Manager for disciplinary action. 29. Evaluates and make recommendations for operational improvements to Administration. Implements improvement programs when appropriate. 30. Follows safety and infection control standards, policies and procedures. 31. Conducts meetings with staff and providers on a weekly or regular basis to review clinic performance and discuss other relevant issues. Provides leadership to assure staff works together as a team. 32. Maintains professional growth and development through seminars, workshops and professional affiliations to keep abreast of trends. 33. Communicates in a clear, concise manner; listens to and acknowledges others; communicates problems and issues to appropriate individuals in a timely manner. 34. Represents the department on interdepartmental projects and committees as needed.

Position Posted On: 11/03/2021

If interested, contact:

Mail your application to:
Hamilton Memorial Hospital
c/o Human Resources
PO Box 429
McLeansboro, IL 62859

Or, Fax your application to: 618-643-2875

Or, email your application to: Bobbie Hamblin.