Nurse Manager

72 Hours Per Pay Period

Department: Nursing Center


  • 1. Current license with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. Current CPR
  • certification.
  • 2. Training and Experience: Two years recent clinical experience

Performs the primary functions of a professional nurse leader in assessing, planning, directing and evaluating patient care for ages newborn to geriatric, s/he manages personnel, supplies and equipment on the units and promotes teamwork with physicians and personnel of other departments. Performs the primary functions of staff RN when functioning in staff RN capacity as outlined in the RN Job Description. In the absence of the Chief Nursing Officer assumes responsibility for direction of patient care and makes necessary immediate administrative decisions for the shift. 1 Assesses the number and level of personnel needed to provide quality patient care and adjusts staffing assignments appropriately. 2 Assesses the delivery of nursing care and identifies problems and any need for improvements. 3 Assesses the health status of patients on a daily basis. 4 Participates and assures the participation of staff in planning all areas of patient care as related to nursing. 5 Ensures that patients have a nursing Plan of Care, directs and supervises others in the formulation of patient care plan as per nursing policy and procedure. 6 Ensures patient education is provided by staff. 7 Directs, supervises and participates in implementing planned changes and activities to improve nursing service in collaboration with the Chief Nursing Officer. 8 Holds self and staff accountable for the delivery of quality nursing care. 9 Counsels and disciplines personnel in a fair and consistent manner. 10 Participates in the development of standards of care and policy and procedure for the department as well as consistent monitoring for quality and appropriateness of care and adherence to hospital and nursing policies. 11 Directs and assists with orientation of new employees. 12 Responsible for keeping Chief Nursing Officer informed of reportable situations and nursing unit needs. 13 Responsible for making patient assignments based on patient needs and appropriate qualified staff members. 14 Implements infection control and safety policies and procedures per nursing policy and procedure. 15 Follows standard precautions in caring for the patient. 16 Maintains equipment competency. 17 Serves as consultant in technical and professional matters for personnel. 18 Responds immediately to Code Blue/ Code 88/Code Purple and effectively takes charge and initiates necessary treatment until physician arrives. 19 Maintains patient confidentiality and ensures staff maintains patient confidentiality. 20 Assumes responsibility for patient care by managing own assignment, supervising licensed and non-licensed personnel and planning instructional/educational and disciplinary needs/activity with peers. 21 Identifies unsafe performance and intervenes as appropriate. 22 Provides constructive feedback about performance to other health team members. 23 Counsels individuals immediately when safe practices are not followed and follow thru with documentation of the same. 24 Administers prescribed medication and IV Therapy appropriately according to physician order and hospital policy and procedure. 25 Accurately records patient condition and treatments in patient medical record following proper format. 26 Establishes and maintains patient safety thru the usage of side rails, restraints, and padding when appropriate and provided by hospital policy and procedure. 27 Provides a clean and safe environment for patient/family and staff. 28 Initiates unusual occurrence reports as necessary and documents appropriate measures taken. 29 Acts as the Emergency Department resource nurse which may include, oversight of patient care, coordinating patient care, problem solving and communicating with the emergency department staff.

Position Posted On: 11/29/2021

If interested, contact:

Mail your application to:
Hamilton Memorial Hospital
c/o Human Resources
PO Box 429
McLeansboro, IL 62859

Or, Fax your application to: 618-643-2875

Or, email your application to: Bobbie Hamblin.