Director of Purchasing

72 Hours Per Pay Period

Department: Purchasing


  • The Director of Purchasing is responsible for developing and implementing objectives, strategies, and tactics for Purchasing and Storeroom services in support of Hamilton Memorial Hospital’s goals and objectives in order to promote efficient and effective patient care, also administers strategies to ensure optimal level of departmental customer service and communication efforts.
  • Education: High School Diploma or G.E.D. equivalent is required. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Training and Experience: Previous experience with storage and distribution of supplies is desirable; as is some experience in general office work and computers. Knowledge of medical/surgical supplies and equipment will be helpful but not necessary. Good communication skills, telephone skills, and public relations skills are a plus. On the job training is provided
  • Job Knowledge: Knowledge of Computers, bookkeeping, filing, and accounting are required. CPSI experience a plus.
  • Lifting Requirements: Very Heavy – frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing 50lbs or more.

Essential Functions 1. Provides strategic direction for materials and supply chain distribution functions for HMHD in the areas involving inventory management, quality assurance, and value improvement. 2. Operates, directs, and supervises the purchasing office and its function. 3. Serves as a resource to the purchasing department regarding process, procedure, and systems and supervises the purchasing department and department personnel on a daily basis. 4. Plans, coordinates, and administers the operational, financial, administrative, and technical operations of purchasing. 5. Conducts market research, product research, and product evaluation as well as price evaluations on products. Works with individual department directors/managers to maintain a high degree of quality/value ratio. 6. Works collaboratively with HMHD staff to develop and maintain programs and process designed to ensure compliance of service. 7. Services as an operational and technical resource for purchasing in the communication and resolution of related issues; negotiates successful resolutions and provides education about purchasing. 8. Serves as the CPSI Purchasing software administrator. Understands all aspects of CPSI in regards to purchasing. 9. Is knowledgeable on the four step month-end closing process, as well as monthly reporting. 10. Contacts, negotiates with, and evaluates vendors’ products and services. 11. Maintains adequate levels of all forms and revises as necessary through the use of the risograph machine. Creates new forms for departments to order supplies from the storeroom with the use of computer generated data which allows a more efficient departmental acquisition of supplies. 12. Documents all receiving’s for the District via computer generated receiving reports for all purchases with the exception of pharmacy and laboratory; and maintains a receiving log which is printed monthly and stored in the department. 13. Verifies and authorizes all invoices for payment. This consists of attaching packing slips and computer generated receiving reports with the correct general ledger account numbers on them to the purchase order and then sending them to accounting. 14. Establishes and demonstrates correct procedures for handling, storing, and distributing all supplies. 15. Familiar with all items in inventory, their location, and the vendor. Establishes accurate master files for all items in the storeroom and those stored in other areas as well. 16. Coordinates all product returns in a timely fashion and follows up on paperwork to make sure credits have been received for all returns, and that the credits have been applied to the correct general ledger accounts. 17. Maintains an adequate inventory, adjusting stock balances accordingly (up/down if census/usage goes up or down). Makes allowances of stock balances in the case of manufacturing shortages. 18. Provides accounting with monthly reports concerning the total inventory, total purchases, total distributions in transfers/expenses/receiving’s/adjustments by department for each department’s financial reports, all of which are generated through the computer system. 19. Bills all purchases made by others from the Storeroom/Pharmacy/Laboratory as necessary and provides documentation to the accounting department of each purchase. 20. Works with departments to determine needs, establish specifications, review contracts. Assists with pricing information for budgets and reviews upon request monthly departmental budget information/questions as they arise with department directors. 21. Provides department directors/managers with monthly usage reports of patient items. 22. Maintains membership in purchasing organizations, attends meetings outside the facility, attends meetings within the facility as needed, attends seminars, visits other similar institutions, stays in contact with other Purchasing Agents in order to stay abreast of what is happening with products, other facilities, and in the industry. 23. Attends in-house in-services of new products/equipment especially nursing, in order to have a working understanding of how these are used on patients. 24. Keeps department directors/managers informed of product changes, prices, and delivery problems which could alter services to patients. 25. Does spot checks on inventory levels and reconciles to the computer totals as needed in the storeroom and other areas. 26. Supervises year-end inventory throughout the District. Provides count sheets generated through the computer system where possible and enters all inventory count totals in the computer system where applicable. Runs year end reports for accounting. 27. Provides coverage for the storeroom clerk during periods of vacation or as needed. 28. Must be able to handle a changing variety of duties and to drop routine duties often for processing of stat orders. Must be able to deal with drop-in salespeople, managers, and employees and deal with frequent interruptions of duties with professionalism. 29. Performs other related duties incidental to the work described herein.

Position Posted On: 07/25/2019

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