PRN-Rehab Therapy Aide/Wellness Coach

Hours Per Pay Period

Department: Rehabilitation/PT, OT, & ST


  • Is responsible for answering phone calls. Will schedule any patient treatments or evaluations with members of the Rehab team. Will assist the members of the Rehab team when needed. Is responsible for scheduling/implementation of the wellness classes as well as all of the paperwork that needs to be kept current for each class session.
  • 1. Education: Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent,
  • 2. Training and Experience: Will be required to obtain CPR certification, and water safety training certification if not already certified.
  • Job Knowledge: Capable of communicating effectively verbally or in writing.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Prepares treatment areas for patients and assures that the equipment is ready for use each day. 2. Completes statistical data for the rehab department when needed 3. Responsible for contacting Doctor Offices to ensure that the necessary paperwork is returned for wellness classes. 4. May transport Inpatients to/from the department for treatments. 5. Schedules patients. 6. Contacts insurance companies to pre cert therapy visits on each patient 7. Performs other duties as required by the physical therapist, physical therapist assistant or director. 8. Manages and runs the wellness classes that meet at HMHD in the therapy pool 9. Performs other duties as required by the Rehab Director or other members of the Rehab Team.

Position Posted On: 10/22/2019

If interested, contact:,

Mail your application to:
Hamilton Memorial Hospital
c/o Human Resources
PO Box 429
McLeansboro, IL 62859

Or, Fax your application to: 618-643-2875

Or, email your application to: Bobbie Hamblin.