As people grow older, they go through many changes and suffer many different types of losses. These include losses of family members, friends, health issues, loss of mobility, and changes in living situations. These challenges can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for someone and often lead to feelings of sadness or depression. The good news is that the symptoms of anxiety and depression that often accompany these changes can be minimized and resolved with proper treatment.

Why is Senior Enrichment needed? Senior adults often face unique emotional problems including:

  • Adjusting to declining physical health
  • Crying spells and/or explosive anger
  • Debilitating problems with grief and loss
  • Lack of interest or enjoyment in activities
  • Deterioration of daily living skills
  • Difficulty coping with change
  • Feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Negative changes in sleeping and eating habits
  • Strained family relationships
  • A strong sense of hopelessness often accompanied by suicidal thinking
  • Trouble adjusting to retirement

How can Senior Enrichment help? Senior Enrichment provides the flexibility of receiving care for emotional issues, including depression, anxiety, and ‘nerves,’ on an outpatient basis. An individualized plan of care is developed to treat each senior’s unique needs. Senior Enrichment provides an intensive level of treatment without the high cost or inconvenience of hospitalization.  Through education and therapy, patients gain insight into their illnesses and learn positive coping skills.

What happens when I call? When a call is made to Senior Enrichment at 618-643-2416, the patient will be scheduled for a confidential assessment by a qualified professional in the privacy of his or her own home or at our facility.

Is there a physician involved? As part of a preliminary assessment, a specially-trained physician meets with the participant and/or family and it is decided if the person meets the clinical criteria to participate. If approved to participate, the physician prescribes the service level and frequency of treatment based on symptoms and severity. The physician also meets with patients intermittently throughout their treatment to evaluate medication needs and discuss treatment goals. He also regularly forwards progress notes to the patient’s primary healthcare provider(s).

What services are provided? Services, frequency, and duration will vary depending on circumstances, symptoms, and goals. Services provided could include:

  • Education by a specially trained nurse
  • Group therapy with other senior adults struggling with similar issues
  • Individual counseling
  • Medications may be prescribed (under certain circumstances)
  • Nutritious meal each day of treatment
  • Regular communication with family members (only with the patient’s consent)
  • Regular meetings with the treatment team and physician

How long will treatment last? Everyone receives individualized services as outlined in his or her care plan as determined by the physician, the treatment team, and the individual. As progress is made, the physician will gradually reduce the number of weekly visits.

What about transportation? For those who do not have transportation, assistance is available.

How much does it cost? Senior Enrichment doesn’t cost the patient anything out of pocket. Medicare covers 80% and secondary insurance will cover the remaining 20%. Please call the Senior Enrichment Center office with any questions.  

What is the first step? To receive more information, schedule a confidential assessment, or make a referral, call Senior Enrichment at 618-643-2416.

Staff will request some more information and promptly schedule an appointment for you, your friend, or a loved one. All initial screenings are complimentary.