Specialty Care

Specialty Care 

Sandra Tate, A.P.N. 

Behavioral Health
Sandra Tate, A.P.N.- CS­ – 
pediatric & young adult behavioral health. 
McLeansboro Family Clinic | Every other Tuesday 
For appointments, call 618.643.2988

Avinash M. Murthy, M.D.

Avinash M. Murthy, M.D. – St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Medical Group
McLeansboro Family Clinic | 2nd & 4th Thursday mornings of the month 
For appointments, call 618.204.5462


Prateek Srinet, M.D. – St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Medical Group
pediatric otolaryngology, otology/neurotology (ears, balance, and tinnitus), allergy, head and neck, laryngology (throat),
and rhinology (nose)
McLeansboro Family Clinic | Third Tuesday of the month 
For appointments, call 618.899.4000.



Kevin Chen, M.D. Chun Chong, M.D.

Nephrology | Kidney Care
Kevin C. Chen, M.D.
Chun Chong, M.D.
– Advanced Kidney Institute, LLC
kidney disease, blood or protein in urine, high blood pressure, kidney stones, swelling/edema
McLeansboro Family Clinic | Second Thursday of the month 
For appointments, call 618.997.8412.


Sara Rubenacker, M.D.– Heartland Women’s Healthcare
prenatal care, annual exams, well, woman exams, high risk maternity care, contraception management
McLeansboro  Family Clinic | Every Friday
Carmi Family Clinic | Every Tuesday
For appointments, call 877.456.2496.   


Thomas Brummer, M.D. – Talley Eye Center
cataract & refractive surgery, glaucoma surgery, YAG Laser Procedure
McLeansboro Family Clinic | Second Tuesday of the month 
For appointments, call 800.489.2020.


Alan Froehling, M.D.
fracture care, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, acute injuries
McLeansboro Family Clinic | Every other Friday 
For appointments, call 618.242.4750.


Podiatry | Foot Care
Dan Brown, D.P.M.  –Southern Illinois Podiatry
bunion removal, hammer toe, diabetic foot care
McLeansboro Family Clinic | Every other Wednesday; twice a month
For appointments, call 618.988.6034.

Murali Kondapaneni, M.D. 

Pulmonology | Lung Care
Murali Kondapaneni, M.D. – St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Medical Group
lung & respiratory issues, COPD Management
McLeansboro Family Clinic | 2nd & 4th Thursday of every month 
For appointments, call 618.242.8900.

Sajjan Nemani, M.D.

Sleep Lab
Sajjan Nemani, M.D. 
sleep disorder evaluation and treatment, sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, sleep-wake schedule issues, narcolepsy
For appointments, call 618.533.8700.


General Surgery 
Udaya Liyanage, M.D. 
McLeansboro Family Clinic | Every Monday 
For appointments call, 618.643.2988.

Wound Healing Center
Outpatient services for chronic and hard to heal wounds including: diabetic foot wounds, lower leg wounds related to blood flow issues, post-surgical wounds with delayed closure, and traumatic injury wounds. 
Every Thursday 10:30 to 3:30
For appointments, call 877. 295.2273.

Jagroop Singh, M.D., Sai Palepu, M.D., Kadhiresan Murugappan, M.D., Wes Henson, FNP BC, Kristin Betz, APN, FNP-BC, Kathy Taylor, FNP-BC  are Employees of Hamilton Memorial Hospital.  All other providers listed above are independently contracted providers with privileges to treat patients at Hamilton Memorial Hospital, but are not employees of Hamilton Memorial Hospital.